My name is Elizabethl, I'm a self taught artist. I have been an artist most of my life. I've found myself dabbling in various arts and crafts coupled with many years of sewing, knitting, crocheting and wood working. It wasn't until fall 2009 that I discovered clay baby art dolls, once I seen them I set out to learn the techniques required to make such amazing babies.

Up until I found clay babies, I never felt I'd found my 'niche'.  I give God the glory for giving me this gift, which I enjoy using to bring joy to others.  I've taught myself the methods that I use, other techniques I've learned through excellent clay doll makers on ebay.

All my baby dolls are one of a kind (ooak) handcrafted and sculpted by hand using no molds. All the baby outfits are made by me as well. I use no patterns and go with what my imagination tells me. This makes each piece I make truly unique.




Due to time constraints and current art dolls I'm working on I do not have time to make custom pieces. I make a few one of a kind baby dolls a month, sometimes more and sometimes less. Please check my ebay for current dolls available. I plan to start listing them on my website for sale in the future... Thank you for visiting my website!